Taking a time out from technology

by | Nov 27, 2023

In partnership with Mental Health First Aid England, Tuesday 28th November 2023 is techtimeout tuesday. Across the country, individuals and businesses of all types and sizes will embrace digital wellbeing by taking part in an offline activity of their choice, either in or out of their workplaces.

At bennettbrooks we understand how important digital wellbeing in the workplace is. Our employees use a variety of devices and technology within their roles, however this can potentially have a negative impact on employee wellbeing, with mental, physical, social and emotional health affected.

Excessive screen time has been linked to poor physical and mental health and can impact productivity and job satisfaction. We ensure all our team receive digital wellbeing support to help them to work healthily and productively.

According to research –

  • The average adult in the UK spends 6 hours on a screen every day. (Over 90 days a year!)
  • In the UK, the average adult checks their mobile phone around 58 times a day.
  • We spend the equivalent of 30 full days a year on our mobile phones.

Excessive tech usage can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation. It’s easy to become addicted to checking our phone notifications just to get a dopamine high from the excitement of a new message or engagement on social media.

38% of adults check their phones after they have gone to bed at the end of each day without realising the impact this activity has on their sleep. Blue light impacts the production of melatonin, which affects our ability to sleep and deal with stress and store memories.

On techtimetimeout tuesday we are asking our employees to question their relationship with technology and evaluate whether they would benefit from downtime away from their devices.

This could include, getting out of the office and going for a walk at lunchtime, remembering to take regular breaks away from their screens and having face to face conversations instead of using email or online messages.

We want to continually improve the health & wellbeing of our staff, helping them focus and communicate better as well as reducing overwhelm and burnout.

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