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Bookkeeping and VAT returns are those business basics that are number heavy and require an eye for detail. You might think you have the time to do them, but such complex and time-consuming work only threatens to distract you from the parts of your business that really need you. So, why not let bennettbrooks help?

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organising information on your day-to-day business transactions, including your incomings and outgoings. The books form the basis of your accounts and can help you understand how your business is performing. They need to be maintained regularly so that nothing is missed. With us, you can rest assured nothing is. With the use of bookkeeping software, we do an excellent job at keeping businesses up-to-date and informed on their financials.

If you’re VAT-registered, we can also help you with your VAT returns. VAT-registered businesses must charge the tax on the products or services they sell. They then pay the money back to HMRC in their quarterly VAT return to HMRC. In essence, you’re collecting VAT for the Treasury.

VAT returns themselves are complex documents that are easy to get wrong. If you do get them wrong, you’ll either pay too little and get in trouble, or simply pay more than you had to. With an expert by your side, that simply won’t happen.

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