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Each business or company has its own needs. But one thing most have in common is the benefit of having custom-built software to help with daily operations. Instead of having to use an already-built software which may not cater to your every need, why not consider having someone build it for you?

 bennettbrooks will analyse your business’s structure and operations while working in tandem with yourself to make sure that your accounting software is up to scratch.

Your financial software is one of the most important aspects of your business, and if you use a number of different systems we can seamlessly integrate them in real-time with Sage. This can be done live so as not to interrupt your work and will help you avoid any errors, thus simplifying purchasing and supply processes.

If you’re required to get clients to sign documents online then we can help with that too. Echosign is an online signature system which means that no matter where your client or supplier is based, they can sign any necessary paperwork remotely – saving you both time and hassle of having to organise a signing in person.

Having software developed for you’ll only benefit your current systems and processes. 

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