Don’t let VAT weigh you down

Having complete control over your Value Added Tax (VAT) can be daunting. The systems are complicated and keeping HMRC happy is a big job.

You’re required to file regular returns and if you get them wrong this can lead to penalties and result in an investigation. If done correctly then you may be able to reduce your VAT bill.

VAT is constantly changing and updating so keeping on top of this can be a challenge. As VAT experts, we offer support with administration, registering to pay VAT, as well as delivering the subsequent returns involved with your VAT-registered business.

Depending on the goods and services you offer you’ll need to pay different amounts of VAT. Even then, there can be multiple VAT schemes for an industry, one example being retail.
Another question you may have is when to register or deregister for VAT, failing to do either can lead to HMRC chasing you up and issuing you a fine or worse, having you prosecuted.

Asking for help is nothing to worry about as our VAT team at bennettbrooks is on standby to take control of this for you and relieve the stress. Our services are cost-effective and have your best interests at heart.

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