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There are many business events that you cannot simply rush into, so it’s not difficult to imagine the problems you could encounter if you don’t properly investigate something like a merger or acquisition. Instead, an extensive review needs to take place prior to these types of financial transaction in order to assess all the commercial risks and opportunities.

Known as the due diligence process, this is a particularly specialised task that takes extensive training and expertise to get right. It involves a rigorous examination and evaluation of a company’s critical documentation and data to ensure all risks have been enclosed. With our eye for detail and care for our clients, we can conduct a due diligence report on your behalf.

In a lot of cases, a due diligence report must be conducted before a binding agreement is signed between parties. There are various types, too, including the startup due diligence process, for instance. If that doesn’t go well, potential investments can go south, quite quickly. There are also financial, tax, operational and intellectual property due diligence reports among others. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.

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