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Calculating and paying your tax as a high-earner or owner of a business is very important. Not paying enough will land you in trouble with HMRC but paying too much will leave you with less in your pocket. Then you also have to consider timings, meeting all of your deadlines promptly to avoid extra fees.

Missing a self-assessment (SA) deadline by just one day can incur you a £100 fine so why not let us handle it for you? We can file your self-assessment tax returns accurately and quickly – we’ve done it for countless others, it’s our bread and butter

The end of the tax year falls on 5 April each year with a deadline for personal income tax being on the following 31 January. A large number of people miss these deadlines or do it in a mad rush at the last minute. Filing your SA late or incorrectly can just lead to you having to pay out more of your hard-earned money.

Although you make the payments, there is no reason why the system cannot work to your benefit. Our tailored service will build around your business and claim any tax relief you may be eligible for.

If you’re a sole trader, you’ll need to consider claiming on expenses, we can make sure that these are allowed by HMRC and submitted to help you reduce your tax bill.

Let us deal with HMRC for you so if they have any questions we can be the ones to answer.

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