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Investigating for you

Your clients’ needs come first in your line of work, so you want to offer them all the support you can. But, maybe the financial side isn’t exactly one of your key strengths. Our services are already being used by over 350 law firms across the country, helping them to help their clients (and their own teams).

We can provide sector-specific solutions for your practice by putting ourselves in your shoes and looking to resolve any issues with the best outcome possible.

Our litigation support service allows you to create extra capacity and gives your team more time to focus on the law. We can also promise peace of mind when it comes to financial calculations and schedules- supporting your legal claims. With our service, there is no prior court approval needed, we’ll prepare the schedules on your behalf in a way that fits your needs.

But the support doesn’t stop there.

With our forensic team, we can look into any injury reports or financial losses and evaluate them to make sure there isn’t anything afoot. We’re well-versed in uncovering money laundering and fraud cases. If there are claims of professional negligence then we can also investigate and write up reports for you.

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