Installation of Solar panels at our HQ, Northwich

by | Jan 16, 2023

Early last year we started looking into how bennettbrooks could invest to do more for climate change and in October 2022 scaffolding went up at the Northwich office ready for the team to begin installations of solar panels the following week.

The scaffolding was set up  all across the full front of the building from the front door and reception and along to the opposite end by the rear car park access, and also at the rear across the extension, in order to ensure we made maximum use of all the roof area that is most exposed to the suns rays during the day.

The new solar panel system is expected to generate some14,438 kWh per year initially and continuously over the next 25 years (taking into account that the cells do degrade over time) the total generation is expected to be 339,251 kwh, and of this 203,550 kWh will be consumed on site with 135,700 kWh exported back to the grid.

Environmentally 339,251 kwh of energy is the equivalent of 240 tons of CO2, or similar to planting 3,975 trees.

After adjusting the projected costs and benefits for inflation, the initial system costs are expected to be recouped after 6 years. The net present value of the project is over £50,000, meaning a positive net present value which is a good indication that, as well as environmentally, the project will also be financially worthwhile.


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