Companies House reforms – increase to filing charges

by | Apr 22, 2024

Companies House have been given new powers to make the UK a more transparent place for businesses to operate.  With these powers, Companies House plan to make changes in several areas, including the requirement to include a profit and loss account (also referred to as an income statement) when filing accounts, a robust digital verification of each director and secretary of the company, the sharing of data with other government agencies and more rigid rules for a company’s registered office.

These changes are expected to be phased in during 2024.  A significant change which became active on 4 March 2024 was that newly incorporated businesses will need to comply with new rules including additional statements for the directors to declare and for there to be a contact email address for the business.  For established businesses, you will need to provide a contact email address when you come to complete your next confirmation statement.  If you subscribe to our registered office service, you will be able to have your correspondence sent to our office and we will review it and advise you accordingly.

To fund the monitoring and enforcing of these new powers, Companies House have also increased their filing charges. The increase in their charges will be applicable from 1 May 2024 and are comprehensive, the first charge most likely to affect you will be the cost of filing a confirmation statement, which is increasing from £13 disbursement to £34. 

Should you wish to subscribe to the bennettbrooks registered office service, or already have the service and would like to know more, please get in touch.

All the details on the fees charged by Companies House can be found via the link below

Companies House fees – GOV.UK (


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