COVID-19 Virtual Tax Seminar


Tax Director, Mary Tierney, will be discussing the consequences, implications and impact of various Covid-19 business and tax measures.

Aimed at professional advisors of small businesses, the purpose of this session is not to regurgitate the main government guidelines that have been issued around the Chancellors proposals, but to:

  • Raise some of the less publically announced consequences of the current situation 
  • Provide a forum to share questions and queries around any aspects concerning you and your clients to assist you helping them as much as possible at this difficult time

The headlines around the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the Financial Help for the Self Employed are readily available, and we already know HMRC are publically requesting accountants to take the burden of HMRC and to assist clients in making the claim under the Job Retention Scheme.  As details begin to be released about how this portal will operate, there could be some companies who expect to be able to log in immediately to make a claim, but find they have to jump through a number of hoops first.   The aim of this session is to arm you to help your clients effectively and rapidly.
Whilst the Job Retention Scheme and Self Employed payments are key, we've also seen interesting updates from HMRC R&D unit and the HMRC team who deal with non-residents, and as working from home becomes the norm, what taxable deductions can be claimed will also be a hot topic.

To join the event click the link below just before 4pm


THURSDAY 16th April

4.00PM - 5.00PM