Xero Platinum Partner


Grasp technology, simplify admin and have key information to hand 

Xero allows businesses to manage and process their accounts like no other accountancy package we have seen. Using smart technology and clever thinking the guys at Xero have created a software package that removes many of the complications that non-accountants find with their bookkeeping tasks.

Here’s a list of just some of the things Xero can do

  • Give real time information on your businesses accounts 24/7…and from any location (with Wifi and appropriate device)
  • Connect direct to your bank with feeds that pull in all the daily transactions to the software so there is no more keying this information in!
  • Set up automatic reminders to your customers within Xero for overdue sales invoices, this reduces debtor days and improves your cashflow.
  • Streamline admin intensive expenses systems. For one client we implemented a prepaid Mastercard to manage all staff expenses in one portal. When the staff member uses their personalised card, a notification is sent directly to the users phone and requires them to take a picture of the receipt and to categorise the expense. Information is approved centrally and imported directly into the accounts system in real time.
  • Using another application that installs on each staff members phone, tracking the mileage in the background of the phone. This allows them to categorise journeys between personal and business, and pushes information directly to Xero, accurately capturing their true business mileage using GPS.
  • Allows the creation of an e-mail-based system to forward purchase invoices directly to an online portal, the information attached to the email is extracted, and the invoice processed for approval in Xero, 
  • There are many third-party applications that integrate with Xero eg Receiptbank allows users to take a picture of all purchase receipts, it then extracts information and imports it to the accounting software and can be automatically posted to the correct account.
  • Xero also provides reporting in real time to mobile devices, enabling easier management of your business via better informed decision making.
  • As your advisors we can also log into your accounting information, help with amendments, advise on accounting entries and processes so together we can address problems as and when they arise.


Grasping technology

Within our own firm there are often new examples of processes that can be streamlined with technology. Jobs that once took a couple of hours can now been done within minutes. When individuals are comfortable with their current way of doing things and didn’t know there is another way change does not happen. In a new age for accountancy we have recognised these advances in technology and are here to help!  Xero can take away a lot of the manual slog of administrative bookkeeping, but many people struggle to just get an initial hand on how to set things up and get these new systems working for them and to understand how to post things correctly. We have experts ready to help in all our offices. 

By saving the administrative functions of businesses significant amounts of time those resources can then be used to advance the business in other ways, giving you a competitive advantage.

At bennettbrooks we are Platinum Champion Xero Partners and Xero migration certified. Our staff are Xero certified and trained to help.  

You are probably thinking that there are many options for accountancy packages that you could implement to streamline processes and you would be right. As chartered accountants with lots of small business clients we have years of using different packages, but we currently recommend Xero as our preferred cloud-based software. With lists of pros and cons on the internet on which product to choose you can easily weigh up the benefits but should bear in mind that we are not sponsored by Xero, regularly use most of the other packages available and have no bias.

Things to also consider


Compatibility with other software

Xero’s open interface allows software developers to tweak their own software creating applications that can share information directly to and from Xero. This forethought has led to over 600 Apps now being available to Xero users for a whole range of functions from inventory management to payment providers and from time tracking to ecommerce and CRMs.

As you take a step back and evaluate your processes, knowing the capabilities of wider software partners can result the development in even more significant improvements. Over the past few months we have been working closely with our clients, reviewing their internal processes and introducing new and effective methods of capturing their financials, not only making things more efficient, but also making them more transparent and saving them money.

Data Protection

Security is prevalent in everyone’s mind in today’s online activities. To survive as a provider Xero has to keep on top of this too, it backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centres. They also offer two-step authentication as an additional layer of protection for your Xero account.

Run your business from anywhere

Because the information is in the cloud you can access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device i.e. your phone, tablet, or computer.

Grasping change can be daunting, so having experienced advisors that can guide you through is always a good idea. Once implemented people look back and wish they took the plunge much earlier. In today’s world time the pace of life moves faster and faster, so an opportunity to save you time on menial tasks and provide you with up to the minute information for decision making should be grasped.

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