fraud investigations and criminal defence cases


Are you worried that your business has been a victim of fraud, corruption, misconduct or other financial crime?

Do you need to find out what has happened, recover lost assets, act against the perpetrators and mitigate subsequent reputational damage or commercial loss?

We work on a range of criminal matters and we know how to help clients discreetly establish the facts and deal appropriately with potentially damaging and sensitive situations. We undertake detailed analysis of complex financial information and prepare concise reports to provide our clients with the facts to assess the issue and respond appropriately.

We are happy to review documents at no charge in order to provide an accurate and relevant quotation. Our reports are clear, concise and relevant – and we are able to describe even the most complex fraud in layman’s terms that a jury can understand.

 Specific areas of expertise:

  • Fraud and Misconduct – We work quickly to identify the facts to help clients take decisive action against suspected activity. 
  • Proceeds of Crime matters – weare regularly instructed to assist in the financial investigative aspects in criminal matters where it has been alleged that proceeds have been gained from criminal activity. This can involve a detailed examination of the Defendant's finances over many years to assess both the benefit an individual has made from criminal activity and the value of their available assets. We are able to take legally aided work and are adept at wading through large quantities of data.
  • Accounting investigations – to rectify mis-statement or perform accounts reconstruction - we conduct internal investigations to help restore business owners’ confidence in their company accounts.