Stuart Littler

Stuart Littler


Position: Director


Tel: 01606 721300

As a Chartered Accountant, advising firms on financial and taxation matters is what we do and the client referrals we get demonstrate we do well, but that is just part of what makes us different. I became an accountant to help firms grow and to provide support for businesses, whether start-ups or well established, in providing them with advice and guidance so owners can concentrate on what they want to do to achieve their goals and ambitions for their businesses. Our practical as well as technical experience adds to that value we provide.

Heading up our professional services department provides me with that opportunity to provide that specific technical and more importantly, practical accountancy or regulatory advice in a way that the firm can actually act on and make a difference, as well as an opportunity for me to roll up my sleeves and work alongside business as challenges come along…it’s never a dull moment!