Just 4% of SMEs have provided services for the Olympics

Only four per cent of Britain's SMEs have provided goods and services for the Olympic and Paralympic games, a survey claims.

The research, from market research company BDRC Continental, found that of those SMEs that have contributed, half have delivered goods to the site, while the others have provided goods and services, worked on the infrastructure or provided professional services.

The survey also looked into SME's thoughts on the Olympics, and found that more anticipate a negative impact on their business (13 per cent) as opposed to positive (5 per cent).

Travel disruption is expected to cause the most havoc, as 70 per cent of those questioned cited it as a negative impact, while disruption to deliveries and logistics came second.

Nevertheless, SMEs are anticipating some positives too; including enhanced security, uplift in sales through tourism, and increased customer enquiries.

Unlike other major sporting events, the majority of SMEs are not concerned about staff absenteeism during the Games - just two per cent expect absence to have a negative effect, compared to the 19 per cent who expected more staff to request leave during the 2010 world cup.

Commenting, James Dunleavy of BDRC Continental says: "There's been much publicity around the anticipated negative impact of the Games to Britain's businesses, particularly those in the capital. However our research shows SMEs are more circumspect - anticipating positive outcomes to their business as well as recognising the possible challenges ahead."