Business Planning and Solutions for Growth Seminar

22nd February 2017

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28 March, 2017 - 08:00 - 10:00


Achieving business growth is difficult, no matter how big or small you are. The challenges faced by business owners when growing your business can be difficult to identify, particularly when you are so involved in the day to day operating activities.


Our seminar highlights the challenges of business growth to enable you to anticipate and recognise obstacles and then gives you practical advice and guidance to take your business forward.

Growth can put a strain on you and your staff, it can lead to reduced job satisfaction for employees and even more importantly, it can lead to dissatisfied customers. Typically delivery deadlines for clients are extended or corners cut to save time. Extra strains are placed on the cashflow of the company and growth is then limited by the ability to purchase extra stock, machinery and equipment or vehicles.


bennettbrooks chartered accountants and Natwest bank have partnered together to deliver this seminar. We regularly see the growth issues faced by our clients and educating business owners to recognise the problems growth brings early on will enable you to seek support at the right time. 


Our seminar will:

- Outline and categorise the symptoms of growth

- Direct you towards the actions that need to be taken to resolve these problems

- Focus on the cash requirements that growth presents and what type of funding is needed

- Look at funding applications, the process and information required, as well as the time taken


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St Georges Court
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