Job Support Scheme - starting 1 Nov

The chancellor announced a quite substantial revision to the Job Support Scheme on Thursday, and we suspect the more generous support may mean more employers utilise it.

Any changes to employees working pattern have to be made in writing, and given the new scheme starts on Sunday 1 November, if you do want to go straight into it,  time is short to decide whether, if at all, you will be making a claim under the JSS scheme for open businesses.

Any employee, whether furloughed this year or not, can be considered for the scheme which broadly operates to split the salary costs as follows (for employees on less than £3,125 per month):

In many ways the new scheme works like the flexi-furlough that has been in place for a few months, except for the requirement that the employee works at least 20% of their normal hours.  

We know from experience that the payroll calculations for employees on these schemes are complex, especially for employees whose pay varies with the hours they work, and once the detail of the rules are applied, do not always operate as expected.  We do not have the final rules yet, just broad guidelines and don’t expect to have these until the end of this month.

If you are considering using the JSS we need to work with you upfront to make sure:

  1. You know what government grant you will receive and what you will need to pay your employee and
  2. That we can work with you to obtain the detailed information we will need to run the payroll for employees under the JSS

To this end, we are going to run two hour long seminars online on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th at 1pm explaining how the JSS works and to go through the information we will need from you to undertake the JSS calculations and if you are considering using the JSS we would encourage you to attend one of these sessions.

Whether you wish to attend these sessions or not, please let us know as soon as you have determined whether you are going to use the JSS at any time over the next 6 months, so we can assist you with it.