As a locum practitioner you need to know that all of your accounting and tax needs are being looked after, leaving you to focus on the job in hand, confident that tax and compliance matters won’t surprise you further down the line.

Whether you are a vet, dentist, doctor, optician, (or other professional), our experience with the locum profession means we know how to best advise you about the various trading structures available to you, be it:

  • Employment;
  • Self-employed;
  • Umbrella companies; and 
  • Limited companies 

We will identify the most appropriate structure for you and guide you through the pro’s and con’s of each option and present them as they are relevant to your personal circumstances.

Our locum services come with a fixed fee promise that covers both your start-up requirements and then your ongoing annual accountancy, taxation and support. 

We offer flexible 12 month payment arrangements for our fees including a discount in the first year equivalent to one month free! Call us today for a quote.