Shares and Share Option Schemes

Shares and Share Option Schemes
Tax Director, Mary Tierney, discussed Shares and Share option schemes

Thank you so much to all of the attendees at our shares schemes virtual seminar (our second online seminar!) which was broadcast via Microsoft Teams.

The event was in conjunction with Start Up Funding Club and was the first of a series of seminars focused on issues for start up companies.

The virtual attendance was substantial as such we were delighted with the response and the interaction with the attendees throughout the seminar.

We predominantly covered the major topics of:

  • Employment related security rules
  • Shares and Share options
  • Tax Advantaged share schemes

There were a number of really interesting questions raised by the audience throughout the presentation… for those that were unable to make it, you can view the video and slides below for all the responses and guidance provided.

You can view the slides here:

and View the recorded Seminar below:

For further information on any of the above please contact me directly on 01606721300 or by e-mail