Medina Rees, Mair Williams

 "I must say, I have felt very supported by you and your team throughout the last 9 months. Thank you very much." 

Tax Testimonials

Martin Ottewill, Appleton Management Company Ltd

“My experience with BB during the 18 months or so that I have been dealing with them, has been a revelation.

Using accountants will never be inexpensive but where BB excels is in VFM - Value For Money - and in today’s financial climate I personally couldn’t ask for more.”

Graham Wood, Finance Director, Engenda Group

“It has been a pleasure working with …other members of the bennettbrooks team over the last few months and we look forward to developing a long term relationship as our business grows.”

Rebecca Whitehead, JP & Brimelow Independent Estate Agents

“The financial accounting systems that BBIT have implemented and provided training for allow us to accurately measure and report on individual areas and projects within our business at the touch of a button…in the past this sort of reporting would have taken a great deal of effort and time.”

John Burke, Read Law

“Just to comment on how efficient and “on the ball” your team has been.”

“It makes a welcome change to see matters progressed in a pro-active way and I much appreciate the approach.”

Denis Stevenson, Rowlinsons Solicitors

“The bennettbrooks payroll service allows us to save time on what is usually a very laborious process. The price we pay for the service certainly bears no resemblance to the actual time and money we save.

It is always a pleasure and never a chore to call bennettbrooks with any queries, the staff are always responsive to questions and act in a very friendly and professional manner.”

Avril Lambert, Whiteside & Knowles

“I have dealt with bennettbrooks for almost six years and have always found the payroll service to be excellent.”

“I can speak to the payroll team at any time and with any query. They are always very helpful and efficient.”

Audit Testimonials

Graham Wood, CFO, The Engenda Group

“Following a recent server failure at one of our subsidiaries Bennett Brooks stepped in at extremely short notice as our existing supplier could not identify the cause of the problem. They were able to provide a quick diagnosis and turnaround, minimising downtime and enabling business to return to normal. All of this was achieved in a professional and considerate way with minimal disruption to our staff and operations. We would have no hesitation in recommending them and have recently entered into a Server Support Contract to provide additional comfort.”

Trevor Morris, Bartletts Solicitors

“I have been instructing the forensic team since 1994. They are complex reports or simple schedules of loss for us, which break down the calculations so that they are readily understandable, documented with supporting evidence and in a format suitable for submission to the Court. Furthermore, the forensic team are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. They are always willing to advise on the strengths and weaknesses of a suggested course of action. They will work to tight timetables imposed by the Court and have succeeded in meeting any given deadline.

This firm is more than happy with the service provided by the forensic team and will continue to use the forensic services at Bennett Brooks. I am happy to commend the forensic team to any potential client.”

Sarah Talbot, Cadre Components

“It has been a pleasure working with bennettbrooks, the personal attention given by their staff along with the speediness to answer queries makes bb fantastic value for money.

The payroll service is a real time saver at a very fair price. I have no problems in recommending anyone to choose bennettbrooks over any other accountant.”

Lynn Evans, Goodmans Solicitors

“We have been delighted with the payroll service provided by bennettbrooks”

“The service provided has certainly surpassed our expectations ans would have no hesitation in recommending the bureau to others.”

Julie Frost, Northern Locum Agency

“Bennettbrooks know exactly the service a locum requires; they provide timely reminders to ensure that the locums comply with the required deadlines; give great tax advice and; they provide clear communication to make sure everything is understood.

I advise all of my locum vets to use bennettbrooks and I always get great feedback from them.”

Accountancy Testimonials

Steve Michaels, Contractor

"I would just like to say I am very happy with the communication….. It is like chalk and cheese when compared to my previous accountant.”

Solicitors Testimonials

Tom Higgins, Thomas Higgins Limited

Bennett Brooks has transformed the way we do business. We engaged them four years ago having seen one of the directors, Stuart Littler, give a masterclass lecture on the business of law.

We remain as impressed today.

BB took over our tired and creaking system and delivered precise and easy to follow procedures that transformed our back office systems making our systems 100% SRA and Lexcel compliant and at the same time relaxed and user-friendly.

On the back of that BB delivered and have installed the most modern management accounting system which supplies detailed management accounts and information, cash flow forecasts, asset information recording, and all Lexcel financial management requirements delivered fully SRA compliant, which all makes the annual audit so much faster.

We now work so much faster because we have all and any information we need available instantly with 100% accuracy and enables us to work so much faster on our cases.

BB staff are friendly, experienced and accurate. They completely get what solicitors do. That makes them worth their weight in gold and because they act for so many firms of solicitors we did not have the bother of having to tell them anything. They were able to advise us drawing on their vast amount of knowledge and experience.

It is not just the fact that they are really talented. It's the fact that they get what we do.

Every penny spent with them is rewarded with efficiencies.

David Rudd, Walker Smith Way Solicitors

“I have used the forensic team for the calculation of schedules of damage over the last 10 or so years. I have found the team to be excellent in all respects both in terms of the content of documentation ultimately produced and in the time taken to produce the documents. They have been very willing to expedite work when required and keep in touch at appropriate time throughout. I have always felt confident that their calculations are sustainable in court and will stand up to forensic examination by the other side.”